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Water Jet Cutting Technology

With the help of high-tech state-of-the-art machinery and our know-how gained in long years of experience, we have established and maintained our lead in manufacture of precision components from numerous different materials. On the following pages we will give you a little insight into our possibilities .

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Our strength is your advantage! In the combination of waterjet cutting technology with high-quality polyurethane
foams, we rank among to the world market leaders.

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The high quality and reliable production of water jet blanks Cellasto®, VULKOLLAN®, Dinopur, SYLOMER® and other high-quality foams.


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For the production of your parts, we have an excellent high-tech machinery. Our highly modern water jet cutting systems meet the latest state-of-the-art.


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High Quality

For us, the quality control starts with the purchase of raw materials. The most modern methods of measurement in the laboratory and in manufacturing ensure high product quality.

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High product quality is a matter of course. Our particular strengths include the production of small, precision parts from high quality PU or PE foams in high numbers of pieces- actually more than 400 million parts per year.

Products & Services

Water Jet Cutting

We are the specialist for high quality and reliable production of water jet cutted precise components of Cellasto®, VULKOLLAN®, Dinopur, SYLOMER® and other high-quality foams. For many years we manufacture for customers in the commercial, industrial and mechanical engineering by water jet cutting more than 400 million components a year.

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Water Jet Cutted Foams


Sylomer® is a mixed-cell material with a high fatigue strength. Depending on the density (Sylomer® is available in many variations), the material has a high static load capacity, and is also resistant to oil. Possible areas of application are, for example, vibration or elastic bearings as spring or damping elements.


Cellasto® is a highly dynamic material that can be used as damper or spring. The material is vibration-damping and shock-absorbing and can achieve braking action under very low wear. Cellasto® is oil-resistant, has very good mechanical properties and is available in different densities from 270 up to 650 kg/m³. Typical applications include buffer (end) stops, friction rings or strips, vibration elements, oil wipers and more.


Dinopur is a 100 % open-cell (and thus air-permeable) material which can be configurated application-specifically (density and thickness). Dinopur is oil-resistant and heat-resistant. Typical applications are oilers and oil scrapers. Moreover Dinopur can serve as storage for liquid media (for example ink tanks) and many other applications.

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Water Jet Cutting - the global market leader in our product segment

Customer satisfaction is our commitment. Whether it is the production of components made Cellasto®, Dinopur or for example the production of SYLOMER® rings - before production and planning of your components, we attach great importance to a detailed and comprehensive advice. We advise you in terms of material selection, to explain the properties of the various foams and provide individual, tailor-made water jet cutting. Our zero defect philosophy is confirmed by a high and consistent customer satisfaction. Since 1996 we are DIN ISO 9001 certified.

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What we are pleased to do

We regard special customer requests and new assignments as a challenge.

Our special department produces technical components to meet customised requirements, always with an eye to cost optimisation. On an individual basis, we prepare and archive the programmes for the CNC control of machines, using drawings, customer files or samples.

For follow-up orders, we have stored more than 10,000 CNC programmes on our server.

Our company is ISO 9001 certificated since 1996.

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Who we are

The employees of  BRENNER GmbH & Co. KG

The personal commitment of every employee is a major factor in the success of our company. The expertise, sense of responsibility and dedication of our 40 employees are rewarded by performance-related pay, a good working atmosphere, attractive assignments and recognition by company management. The personal responsibility and motivation of each individual employee is supported by regular training courses in the fields of quality and safety.

Location Dillingen-Fristingen

Standort- BRENNER GmbH & Co. KG


Our company is established in in Dillingen-Fristingen - in the Danube Valley - in the Swabian part of Bavaria.
We are very proud of this location, because we see Bavaria as a high-tech region. This provides us with its dense network of innovative companies the best opportunities for partnerships and the use of synery effects.

The people menthality is marked by diligence and joy of working. For this reason it is our responsibility to realize and provide secure jobs here.

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